Trademarks are a form of intellectual property. They are special names or symbols that distinguish our products and services from those of other companies. Their use is governed by strict rules designed to protect their commercial value and prevent any unauthorized use by third parties.

All writings, even electronic ones, must include a notice of intellectual property right (IPR), in the form of a footnote at the end of the communication. To make updating this site simpler, all trademark notices have been compiled into a list of trademarks (PDF file). The file also lists all trademarks used by NorthernTel in its written communications in general.

" TM " Symbol

All the trademarks appearing on the pages of this Web site are identified with the symbol " TM ", usually at the first mention of the trademark in the text.

  Example: "When you subscribe to NorthernTel's ExpressVuTM services, you receive..."

No trademark appearing on this site may be used without the written authorization of the trademark holder.

Additional information

For information about Canadian trademarks belonging to other companies, visit Industry Canada's Strategis Web site at: http://strategis.ic.gc.ca/sc_mrksv/cipo/tm/tm_main-e.html.

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