Procurement Department
Goods & Services Acquisition Policy

Here is a summary of NorthernTel goods and services acquisition policy:

The general principles are:

To contribute to the optimal management of NorthernTel material resources through efficient and continuous procurement, while meeting quality standards and requisitioners' needs, at the least cost to the company.

Due to the similarity of its operations to those of Bell Canada, NorthernTel will give preference to certain suppliers for its telecommunications equipment to ensure the company has technological uniformity, the manufacturers' warranty, engineering support and reliability of supply beyond the useful life of the equipment, with due regard for the quality/cost ratio.

The guidelines for the acquisition of goods and services are:

  • Planning and consolidation:
    NorthernTel will plan its needs so as to meet project deadlines and obtain the best price, quality and delivery terms and will consolidate the acquisition of certain goods to create economies of scale and reduce ordering, shipping and storage costs. 
  • Acquisition methods:
    NorthernTel will acquire goods and services through calls for tenders or proposals, requests for quotations, or negotiation.
  • Preferential purchasing:
    Preferential purchasing will consider:
    • Telephone equipment quality standards
      NorthernTel recognizes Bell and NorthernTel as being authorized suppliers for this type of equipment, thus ensuring technical and administrative uniformity.
    • On NorthernTel territory
      At competitive prices and equivalent quality, NorthernTel will give preference to bidders, other than those mentioned above, whose head office is located on territory served by NorthernTel.
    • Ontario content
      NorthernTel will give preference to businesses located in Ontario.
      The company will favour the establishing of business partnerships with suppliers, particularly those with which it applies a preferential purchasing policy.
      The company will ensure that acquired goods meet environmental standards for use and disposal.

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