Procurement Department
You will find the activities of the Procurement Department, the names and contact information of our procurement personnel.


  • Installation and Repair
  • Switching and Transmission
  • Outside Plant
  • Transport, Repair and Warehouse Management
  • Data Processing
  • Other's Goods and Services

Senior Manager ? Purchasing and Logistics
Chantal B?iveau
819 233-6906

Assistant Purchaser
Danielle Mercier
819 233-6916

Data Processing

This group includes the following activities :

  • Computers and peripherals
  • Automated and network equipment
  • Computer supplies and photocopiers
  • Supported software and specialized software
  • Sale of automated and network surplus

Marcel Mailhot
514 493-5533

Advisor IS/IT
Specialized Software
Michel Boisvert
514 493-5468

Assistant Purchaser
Computers and peripherals, automated and network equipment, computer supplies
Sylvie Rivest
514 493-5539

Assistant Purchaser
Supported software, sale of automated and network surplus
Manon Paquin
514 493-5554


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