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Environmental Policy

NorthernTel Limited Partnership believes that environmental protection is an integral part of doing business and is committed to minimizing, through a continuous improvement process, the impact that some of its activities, products or services have on the environment.

In support of its commitment, NorthernTel Limited Partnership will:

  • exercise due diligence in its approach to meet or exceed the requirements of all applicable legislation;
  • prevent, control and reduce releases into the environment;
  • correct in a timely manner, problem situations which could not be prevented;
  • promote and support cost- effective resource and waste minimization initiatives;
  • deal with suppliers who seek to minimize their environmental impacts;
  • develop and market telecommunications services aimed at providing people and organizations with innovative solutions to their environmental challenges;
  • participate with governments, businesses, the public and relevant interests groups to advance environmental protection;
  • communicate its environmental initiatives and performance to stakeholders on a regular basis;
  • ensure that its employees adhere to this policy and understand their responsibilities in putting it into practice.

Consult the Corporate Responsability Report.

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