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Configuration and connection

to improve your Internet speed connection

  • Here are a few tips and tricks to improve the performance of your Internet connection.
    • A number of factors can influence connection speed, notably:
    • The web site you are downloading from is congested;
    • The web site you are downloading from goes through several link providers;
    • Your firewall software is not configured properly;
    • You share your connection with other computers on your internal network.
  • If you use a wireless network (WI-FI/wireless router), make sure that you protect your network properly. Not protecting your network exposes you to various security issues, including a third party using your Internet connection without your knowledge. This could limit your bandwidth or expose the data on your computer to third parties.
  • The length and quality of your high-speed modem cables can have a direct impact on your browsing speed. The two cables connected to the back of your modem should be no more than 6 feet long. A longer cable can slow down your browsing speed. Damaged cables can also reduce the quality of your Internet access and should be replaced.
  • Avoid downloading software and/or system upgrades while you are browsing the Internet.
  • “Peer to Peer” applications also consume a lot of bandwidth. We recommend that you close this type of application when browsing the Internet.
  • If your computer seems slow to you, we also recommend cleaning up your hard disk and defragmenting it from time to time.