NorthernTel Advanced Phone Service

The NorthernTel Advanced Phone Service is based on digital IP technology; your phone service is more practical, more economical, and more user-friendly. With qualities like that, your family and friends will are closer than ever.

With Advanced Phone Service, you get:

  • FREE and UNLIMITED long-distance calling anytime in Canada and the United States1.
  • New advanced features2 such as:
    • Find-Me-Follow-Me
    • Call Barring
    • Selective Call Forwarding
    • Reminder Call
  • Over 20 Call Management Services included free of charge, among them:
    • Voicemail
    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Waiting
    • Three-Way Calling
    • Call Display
    • Do Not Disturb
  • The option of activating and deactivating certain features and checking your phone messages online2 :

    Examples :
    • Change the number where your calls are to be forwarded;
    • View the list of incoming calls and edit your contacts;
    • Activate the Find-Me-Follow-Me feature and be reachable wherever you go;
    • Listen to your messages from your computer.

User Guide

If you are already subscribed to Advanced Phone Service, you can download the User Guide in PDF format (1250 K).


Certain conditions apply. Offer valid for residential customers only, where technology permits. The customer must have a Touch-tone phone. Rotary phones are not compatible. An Internet connection is required to access the Call Feature Management website. Display features require a phone equipped with a display window. Certain features are activated and deactivated by phone.

1 Direct dialed long-distance calls (1+ area code + number) within North America, Alaska and Hawaii included, the Caribbean excluded. Charges apply on long-distance calls placed with a NorthernTel Calling Card and overseas calls, as well as collect calls and calls requiring operator assistance.

2 Internet access is required in order to use these services.