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1. Benefits
2. Difference between a Prepaid Calling Card and a Calling Card
3. Is a Prepaid Calling Card for you?
4. Magnetic strip doesn't work
5. Using your Prepaid Calling Card
6. Where they can be purchased

1: What are the benefits of having a Prepaid Calling Card?

  • Eliminates the need to have 50¢ for pay phones.
  • Call Long distance from your home or when you travel in Québec and Ontario (calls to Canada and United-States) for just 5.5¢ a minute.


2: What is the difference between a Prepaid Calling Card and a Calling Card?

A Prepaid Calling Card has a certain cash value. It is mainly used for making long distance calls, however, it can also be used for local calls from a pay phone. The cost of the call is deducted from the value of the card.

With a Calling Card, you can charge long distance calls to your telephone bill from any telephone. And if you are subscribed to a NorthernTel long distance plan, you also enjoy the discounts offered under the terms of your plan. A usage fee applies to the Calling Card.


3: Who is the Prepaid Calling Card meant for?

The Prepaid Calling Card is meant for people on the go -- teenagers, travellers, pager users, tourists, and people who use pay phones frequently.


4: If the magnetic strip on my Prepaid Calling Card I bought does not work, what can I do?

The magnetic strip automatically dials the access number when you insert the card in a payphone. If the magnetic strip doesn't work, place your call this way:

  • Pick up the receiver;
  • Dial the access number: 1 866 744-5556;
  • Enter your card number (on back of card);
  • Dial the number you wish to call and wait to be connected.


5: How do I use the Prepaid Calling Card?

The Prepaid Calling Card from NorthernTel not only lets you call locally* for just 50¢ a call, you can also call long distance in Canada and United-States for just 5.5¢ a minute, from any phone.

Calling from a public pay phone:

  • Pick up the receiver;
  • Insert the Prepaid Calling Card in the pay phone's yellow card reader and take it out;
  • Dial the number you want to call, and wait to be connected.

When the card is inserted in the reader, the balance is displayed on the pay phone LCD. If this is the first time the card is being used, the balance will be the face value of the card; if not, the charges on previous calls made with the card will have been deducted.

During the call, there will be an audible warning when two minutes of talk time remain on the card. If the monetary value of a card is less than the cost of a local call, it will be accepted by a pay phone for one last local call (the value of the card will then be reduced to zero).

Calling from any other phone:

  • Pick up the receiver;
  • Dial the access number: 1 866 744-5556;
  • Enter your card number (on back of card);
  • Dial the number you wish to call and wait to be connected.

Long-distance calls

All applicable long-distance charges will be deducted automatically from the card.

You can check the balance of minutes remaining on your card at any time, on the LCD of a public pay phone.

There is a minimum charge of three minutes per long-distance call, at the applicable long distance rate at the time of the call. If the applicable long distance rate is higher than $1 per minute, the minimum charge will be $1.

Calling Rates

50¢ per local call:
Use instead of change to make local calls from pay phones in Québec and Ontario.

3-minute minimum charge:
Minimum charges will not exceed $1 unless the rate per minute exceeds $1. When the rate per minute is higher than $1, the rate per minute will apply. After that, charges will be billed in one-minute increments.

One rate anywhere in Canada:
Call anywhere within Canada for just 5.5 ¢ a minute.

Note: A surcharge of 14¢/minute and 11¢/minute respectively on calls made to and from Northern B.C., the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories applies.

Balance transfer

To have the balance of your card transferred to another Prepaid Calling Card, just call 1 888 806-6609.

Note that no card can be recharged. The remaining balance of a $10 or a $20 card can be transferred to another card.

For assistance

A call centre, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is available by dialing the toll-free number 1 888 806-6609.

An interactive menu will offer you the following options:

  • Language preference.
  • Balance Transfer options.
  • Calling instructions.
  • Information on local calling rates.
  • Balance on card, details of last call, card expiration date.
  • Placing a call.
  • Speak to a representative.

* For local calls made from a Télébec, NorthernTel or Bell pay phone in Québec and Ontario.


6: Where can I purchase Prepaid Calling Cards?

Prepaid Calling Cards are sold in certain convenience stores, pharmacies, grocery stores, tobacco shops and all NorthernTel stores.


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