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View my bill

1.How to view my bill
2.Saving my electronic bills
3.New NorthernTel customer
4.Two bills for the same month
5.Number of bills available for viewing
6.Receiving an e-mail notice
7.Viewing my bill at work
8.Cancelling paper bill
9.Payment return envelope
10.Bill in Braille (or large print)
11.Questions regarding my bill
12.Change of address
13.Acrobat Reader doesn't work
14.Bill not visible on my screen

1. How can I view my telephone bill online?

Just click on the "I wish to view my bills online" link in the "View My Bill" section. The system will ask you to authenticate your identity as a NorthernTel customer. Consult Support on Authentication for more details on this topic.

After the authentication step, you will have the option of viewing the last bill issued (current bill) or one of your previous bills in Acrobat Reader format (PDF).

You must have Acrobat Reader on your computer to be able to view your bills. You may download it for free from the Adobe site.

Acrobat Reader (PDF) format allows you to save your bills to your computer, and to print them if you have a printer.


2. Can I save my bills in Acrobat Reader format on my computer?

Yes, you can. Once you have your bill open in Acrobat Reader, you should be able to access the "File/Save as" menu at the top of the application. You then simply choose the folder on your computer where you wish to save your bill.


3. I became a NorthernTel customer two weeks ago. When I click on my current bill, it is not available. Why?

Our billing system retrieves your account information just once a month to generate your bill. Your first bill will thus be available on this site after the first month following the opening of your account at NorthernTel. Come back in a few weeks. Your bills will be available every month after that.


4. Why is it that, when I view my previous bills, I see two bills for the same month?

This can happen when you move to a location where the bill date is different from the date for the area from which you moved.

Indeed, NorthernTel organizes its billing process according to 5 different periods a month. For example, the bills for customers in the Timmins area are issued on the 4th, 16th and 22nd day of the month, while the bills for New Liskeard customers are issued on the 28th of the month. This is what we call the "bill date". This date appears in the upper right-hand corner of your bill.


5. How many previous bills are available for viewing?

In the "View My Bill" section, you can view the last 36 bills issued for a given telephone number.

If you would like an original of a previous bill, you may request a bill reprint through the "Reprint a Bill "section. There is a charge for reprints of bills older than three months.


6. How can I find out when my telephone bill is available on your site each month?

Just subscribe to the free E-Bill service. NorthernTel will advise you each month when your bill is available for online viewing.


7. Can I view my electronic bill from work?

You can view your bills online from any computer connected to the Internet. This is possible due to the authentication procedure installed on this site.

You need to know the personal identification number (PIN) you chose when you authenticated your identity the first time so that you can enter it when the system asks you to authenticate your identity as a NorthernTel customer. Consult Support on Authentication for more details on this topic.


8. I pay my telephone bill online and I would like to stop receiving my bills by mail. Is this possible?

Yes. Just subscribe to Paperless Bill. Consult Support on E-Bill for more details.


9. I no longer receive a return envelope for mailing my payment. How can I start receiving one again?

If you have not used the return envelope for three consecutive months, NorthernTel stops including the envelope with your bill. If you wish to start receiving a return envelope again, you must request it through a NorthernTel Customer Service agent.


10. I have a vision problem. Can NorthernTel issue my telephone bill in larger print?

If you provide us with a medical certificate attesting to your vision problem, we can modify your account to have your bill issued in large print. NorthernTel can also issue bills in Braille for customers who submit a medical certificate of need.


11. There are charges on my telephone bill that I do not understand. Who should I contact?

You should contact a NorthernTel Customer Service Service agent for any information concerning your telephone bill.


12. How can I request a change of billing address?

You can request a change of address through this site by calling our Customer Service Department at 1‑800‑360‑8555.


13. When I click to view my bill, Acrobat Reader does not open. What's happening?

There may be a number of problems related to the configuration of your computer. First, try opening another PDF file to make sure that the Acrobat Reader application is fully installed and functioning adequately. You can also request technical assistance at the Adobe site, under "Support".

If you have a security application that blocks pop-up windows (pop-up blocker), you must authorize pop-ups for the NorthernTel site, since some contents, the PDF bill among them, display by opening a second window in your browser.

Also, check the security level on your browser. If it is too high, it may prevent PDF files from opening properly.


14. When I click to view a bill, Acrobat Reader opens but the bill does not appear. What is happening?

If you can open any other PDF document but you cannot view a bill on this site, please advise us by e-mail at "", providing your full particulars (name, address and phone number) and a description of the problem.


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