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1."Create or change my PIN" section
2.When is the best time to create my PIN?
3."My e-mail address" section

1. What is the "Create or change my PIN" section used for?

The "Create or change my PIN" section is used to create your authentication profile on so that you can complete online transactions in your NorthernTel account. You can also change the personal identification number (PIN) you used the first time you authenticated your identity.


2. When is the best time to create my PIN?

If you do not yet have a PIN, you have two options:

  1. You can wait to create your PIN until you are ready to complete an online transaction.

      For example, you can browse the Long distance Plans section and when you are ready to view your bill, go to ”My Bill/View my bill” and click on “View my bill”.  An authentication screen will prompt you to:
      • identify yourself with the phone number on your NorthernTel bill;
      • to enter the five-digit access code that appears in the upper right-hand corner of your bill;
      • to create your PIN (or password).
    • Visit the Authentication section in Support for more details on the authentication process.

      Once your identity has been confirmed, you will be able to complete your online transaction.

  2. You can also create your PIN without making a transaction. Just go to the "Create or change my PIN" section and follow the instructions. When you are done, quit the online session. Later, when you want to complete a transaction, all you have to do is enter your phone number and your PIN to confirm your identity.

You can change your PIN at any time, by accessing the "Create or change my PIN" section. If you forget your PIN, you will need your phone bill to create a new one.


3. What is the "My e-mail address" section used for?

The "My e-mail address" section is used to change the e-mail address you provided with your subscription to E-Bill, NorthernTel e-mail Promotions or Preauthorized Payment.


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