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Pay my bill ? Account balance

1.How to pay my bill by credit card
2.Payment methods available
3.Payment receipt time
4.Security of credit information
5.Credit transaction refused
6.When to pay my bill
7.Incorrect date on cheque
8.Overpayment by credit card
9.Payment by telephone through my bank
10.Balance not available on my screen
11.Negative balance (in brackets)
12.Late payment charges
13.Payment by mail
14.Payment by telephone (list of banks)
15.Preauthorized payment/balance
16.Payment not received by NorthernTel
17.Payment applied to another account
18.Payment arrangement

1. How can I pay my bill by credit card?

Just click on the "see my account balance or pay my bill" link in the "Pay My Bill/Balance" section. The system will ask you to authenticate your identity as a NorthernTel customer. Consult Support on Authentication for more details on this topic

After the authentication step, a screen will appear showing your current account balance and offering you the option to pay by credit card. You may then enter the amount you wish to pay, the type of credit card (Visa or MasterCard) you wish to use, your card number, and expiry date.

A second data confirmation screen will appear before you finally send the transaction to the bank. Next, a third confirmation screen for the transaction, containing a bank transaction number, will be displayed. Take note of this number or print out the confirmation page for your records.


2. What payment methods are available for paying my bill?


3. How long does it take for NorthernTel to receive my payment from the time I pay my bill?

The time it takes for NorthernTel to receive your payment varies depending on the payment method you choose.

By credit card online via our Web Site or 1 800 360-8555 Immediately

Your payment is automatically processed in our system and your account is immediately updated.

By Preauthorized payment 1 days

NorthernTel receives your payment on the same day as the withdrawal date (except on weekends). The withdrawal date is 21 days after the billing date shown on your bill.

Through your financial institution, over the phone or online 2 - 3 days Day 1 - You make a payment through your financial institution bank branch
Day 2 - The financial institution processes your payment
Day 3 - NorthernTel receives your payment
  • Payments made on the weekend by ATM, Internet or telephone are only processed on the next working day.
  • Some bank branches do not send daily transmissions to their central bank.
  • Payments made in the evening or as of the next working day are processed on the following day by the institution.
By cheque by mail 4 - 5 days Days 2 and 3 - NorthernTel Finance Group receives payment (Canada Post delivery time)
Day 4 - Bank processes payment (funds withdrawn from your account)
Day 5 - NorthernTel receives your payment


4. What happens to my credit card information when I pay online through this site?

Your credit card number is encrypted and transmitted to the bank, not stored in our systems. The information we receive from the bank is either a confirmation or refusal of the transaction.

When you access the "Pay My Bill/Balance" section, you enter a "secure" section. Your browser should display a small locked padlock and a warning message may appear on your screen informing you that you are in a secure environment (depending on the browser). If you do not see a locked padlock, you should not perform any online transactions.

NorthernTel uses 128-bit encryption for all transactions sent to its server. This encryption method is the most secure.


5. I tried to pay my bill by credit card but my transaction was refused. What should I do?

There are a number of reasons why a credit card transaction may be refused. The bank that issued your card validates all the information you enter in the credit card fields. If any of this information does not match their records, or if you have exceeded your credit limit, the transaction will be immediately refused. It is therefore important that you ensure your card is always valid and that the information you provide is accurate. If your transaction is refused, we suggest that you contact the financial institution that issued your credit card.

In rare occasions, the banking systems that process your card information may be unavailable when you make your transaction. If this occurs, try again a little later.


6. When does my bill have to be paid?

There is a due date on your bill indicating by when your payment must be received at NorthernTel. You have, in fact, 30 days from the "billing date" to pay your bill. You will find the billing date in the upper right-hand corner of your bill.


7. I mailed you a cheque in payment of my bill but I put the wrong date on it. Can I correct my mistake?

Just contact one of our Customer Service agents so your cheque can be returned to you. An account-processing fee applies. You can also have it cancelled at your bank. The bank may charge you a cheque cancellation fee.


8. I paid my bill by credit card through this site and I mistakenly entered a higher amount than my bill balance. Can I have my credit card credited for the overpayment?

Yes, you can. Simply contact one of our Customer Service agents. For the agent to be able to credit your card, it is very important that you have the credit card transaction confirmation number that you were given on screen and by e-mail when you made your payment through this site. This number will allow the agent to apply a credit to the transaction you made.


9. To register for payment of my NorthernTel bill by telephone through my financial institution, I need an account number. Where can I find this number?

The number your financial institution needs is the 15-digit scan line number in the upper right-hand corner of the detachable portion of your bill, under the billing date.


10. Why can't I see my account balance on this site?

If you have been a new NorthernTel customer for less than a month, your first bill has not been processed by our systems yet. Your account balance is therefore not available and cannot be displayed on this site. Please check your balance again in a few days.

Possibly, our systems were not available when you checked your balance, either due to maintenance during a low usage time or because a technical problem prevented us from displaying information online. Normally, these downtime periods are temporary and very short.


11. Why is there a negative sign before my account balance?

This means that you have a negative, or credit, balance.


12. What is the charge if I pay my NorthernTel bill late?

The late payment charge is 3.25% per month (46.8% per year) for any unpaid balance.


13. I would like to pay my bill by mail. To what address should I send my cheque?

You should mail your cheque to:

P.O. Box 2208 Station P
Toronto (Ontario)
M5S 3G1


14. Which financial institutions will accept payment of my NorthernTel bill by telephone?

Below are the financial institutions that accept payment of your NorthernTel bill by telephone. When you subscribe to their service, these institutions may ask you to provide the scan line number for your bill. This 15-digit number is located on the detachable portion of your bill in the upper right-hand corner under the billing date.

Laurentian Bank ( - 1-800-252-1846)

Bank of Montreal ( - 1-800-555-3000)

Royal Bank ( - 1-800-769-2511)

Scotia Bank ( - 1-800-575-1212)

Toronto-Dominion Bank ( - 1-800-983-2265

National Bank ( - 1 800 235-5566

Caisse populaire Desjardins ( - 1-800-224-7737)

CIBC ( - 1-800-465-2422)


15. I am subscribed to the Preauthorized Payment method. Will my account balance be displayed as zero when payment is withdrawn?

NorthernTel processes the payment the day it is withdrawn (except on weekends). Your account balance is updated on our Web site the next day.


16. I made a payment two weeks ago and my account balance has still not been updated on this site. What is happening with my payment?

If you made a payment by telephone or Internet through your financial institution, you have to ask them to track your payment.

If you made your payment by cheque or by credit card through this site, you should speak to one of our Customer Service agents. We will ask you to provide proof of payment before we begin our search.

Type of Payment Proof Required
Cheque Copy of cashed cheque
Credit card (through this site) Confirmation number for Internet transaction


17. I paid the bill for my cottage, but the payment was credited to the bill for my principal residence. How can I have this corrected?

You must contact a Customer Service agent who will transfer the payment to the right account.


18. The payment of my balance is late. Whom should I contact to make payment arrangements?

You may contact the Collection Department at 1-800-360-8555 and choose from the voice menu the option "for any billing questions" followed by the option "about a due account".


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