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Quick Reference
List of programming codes to activate and deactivate Call Management Services using the keys of your phone.

Busy Call Forwarding
Allows you to redirect all of your calls to a predetermined number of your choice when your line is busy.

Busy Call Return
When the line you are calling is busy, Busy Call Return monitors the busy line for 30 minutes. You will hear a special ring when the line is free. You can also choose to hear the number and time of the last incoming call before returning the call.

Call Barring
Allows you to block certain types of outgoing calls, such as overseas long-distance calls, or calls to 1 900 numbers.

Call Display/ Visual Call Waiting
Allows you to see the caller's name and phone number before answering, or see the name and phone number of the second caller when you are already on the line.

Call Display Blocking
Allows you to block your name and number before placing a call.

Call Forwarding
Allows you to redirect all of your calls to a predetermined number of your choice.

Call Trace 
Allows you to trace the number of the last incoming call, if the call was threatening or harassing.

Call Waiting
Allows you to put a call on hold while you take a second call.

Do Not Disturb
Allows you to block all calls. Calls are automatically directed to your voicemail box or, if your Voicemail is deactivated, callers hear a message that you are not taking calls.

Allows you to transfer incoming calls to one or several other phone numbers. Depending on the rules that you define, these destination phones may ring simultaneously or one after another until someone answers.

Last Call Return
Allows you to find out the last caller's phone number, whether or not you answered, and automatically dial the number. If the line is busy, the Last Call Return feature will monitor the line for 30 minutes and let you know when the line is free.

No Answer Call Forwarding
Allows you to redirect all of your calls to a predetermined number of your choice if the calls are not answered.

Permanent Call Display Blocking
Allows you to permanently block the display of your name and phone number before a call is placed. This feature can be activated and deactivated according to your needs.

Personalized Ring (NEW)
Allows you to add up to three additional telephone numbers to your primary line.

Privacy Pack (NEW)
Includes the following four (4) features that allow you to filter important and/or unwanted calls:

Reminder Call
Allows you to have your phone ring at a specific time, like an alarm, to remind you of an appointment or to wake you up in the morning.

Remote Access to Call Forwarding
Allows you to modify the Call Forwarding feature when you are away from home.

Selective Call Forwarding
Allows you to redirect calls from certain numbers only to a predetermined number of your choice.

Speed Calling
Allows you to use an abbreviated 1 or 2-digit code to dial a phone number, instead of dialing the full number.

Three-Way Calling
Allows you to converse simultaneously with two other people at two different numbers.

Allows callers to leave you a message in a voice mailbox. If your phone is equipped with a message indicator, an indicator light will blink. When you lift the receiver, an auditory signal will indicate that you have a message waiting in your voicemail box.

Voicemail to E-mail
Allows you to redirect your voice messages to an e-mail address, either at home, at the office, or to a web-based e-mail service, such as "Hotmail". You can open and listen to your voice messages on a computer, by accessing your e-mail inbox.


Certain conditions apply, including a minimum 12-month commitment at time of subscription. Offer valid for residential customers only, where technology permits. The customer must have a Touch-tone phone. Rotary phones are not compatible. An Internet connection is required to access the Call Feature Management website. Display features require a phone equipped with a display window. Certain features are activated and deactivated by phone. Connection fees apply for service installation in a home that does not have its phone service with NorthernTel or in the case of a move to or within NorthernTel territory.