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The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has agreed with NorthernTel to open the inside wire market to other entrepreneurs and/or the individual customer. Inside wire is the actual wire connecting the telephone set to the service box or Network Interconnection Device. This Guide includes some helpful hints for finding and repairing inside wiring troubles and will also assist you with pre wiring for single line telephone service.


NorthernTel shall not be liable to the user, or any other person, for damages or loss of any kind or nature, injury or death resulting from the user or any other person's unfamiliarity with the Canadian Electrical Code, the Electrical Inspections Act of The Province of Ontario, the CSA Pre wiring Standards Book, the National Building Code or any other law or regulation applicable to inside wiring, or for the reliance by the user or any other person on the instruction in this guide. Any work, actions by the user or any other person pursuant to the guide is entirely at the users or any other person's own risk.

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Only $2.50 each time you use one, and the monthly maximum you pay for each service is $23.95 per month! 

*69 Last Call Return

Missed the phone? Last Call Return will give you the number of the last person that called you!

*66 Busy Call Return

Getting a busy signal? Busy Call Return will monitor the line and let you know if it becomes free in the next 30 minutes.

*71 Three-Way Calling

Need to conference call? Three-Way Calling lets you talk with two people in two different locations at the same time.

Practical, efficient and inexpensive, NorthernTel's Call Management Services really make life easier... the ideal complement to your telephone.

These pages contain a host of useful information on the whole range of NorthernTel's Call Management Services. It also tells you how to take full advantage of their features. Print this guide so you can refer to it when you need it.


Advanced Phone Service User Guide

Speed Calling

7 4 #

to add, change a Speed Call 8 code. 

7 5 #

to add, change a Speed Call 30 code.

* 7 4

to remove a Speed Call 8 code.

* 7 5

to remove a Speed Call 30 code.


Call Waiting*

* 7 0

to turn off Call Waiting signals on a per call basis.


Call Return*

* 6 9   

to find out the telephone number of the last caller, let NorthernTel monitor a busy line.

* 8 6  

within 30 minutes, if you no longer want NorthernTel to inform you when the line is free.


Busy Call Return*

* 6 6   

to let NorthernTel inform you when the line is free.

* 8 6   

within 30 minutes, if you no longer want NorthernTel to inform you when the line is free.


Call Forwarding

* 7 2

 to forward your incoming calls to a different location.

* 7 3

 to re-establish incoming calls to your regular telephone line.


Three-Way Calling*

* 7 1  

put first call on hold; listen for 3 short beeps followed by dial tone. Press *71 to connect 2nd and 3rd calls.


Call Trace

* 5 7

to have serious threatening or harassing calls traced.


Call Blocking

* 6 7  

to block the display of your name and number on a per call basis.



* 2 2

to access the service.

* 2 3

to access the PIN functions.


Voice Mail

* 9 1  

to turn off Voice Mail service for calls when the line is busy.

* 9 0  

to turn Voice Mail service back on when the line is free.

* 9 3  

to turn off Voice Mail service when you are unavailable to answer.

* 9 2  

to turn Voice Mail back on when you are available.

* 9 4  

to set or change the number of times the telephone rings before Voice Mail picks up.


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* Monthly rate or Pay-Per-Use