To reach an operator 
Dial 0 (zero).

For numbers in Canada 
Dial 411.

For a number in the United States 
Dial 1 + area code + 555+1212.

To reach International Directory Assistance 
Dial 0 (zero).


Directory Assistance charges 
A charge of $2.00 applies for all Directory Assistance requests, for local numbers, as well as for numbers elsewhere in Canada and in the United States. You are charged for each number you request, whether or not it is listed in the telephone directory.


A charge applies for all International Directory Assistance requests. No charge applies if the Foreign Directory Service cannot be reached. Customers may request up to two listings per call if supplied by the same Foreign Operator at the same time.


You can avoid Directory Assistance charges by consulting your telephone directory or the Canada411 Web site (


From a pay phone 
Many pay phones allow you to reach the operator, Directory Assistance and NorthernTel Repair without depositing any money. Read the information card above the keypad, for clear instructions on how to operate the coin telephone.


Want to make it easier for people to reach you? Tired of spelling out your E-mail address over the phone? Hoping people will look at your Web site before they call your business?

We have a solution for you. NorthernTel customers can now include their Cellphone numbers, E-mail and Web addresses in the White Pages telephone directory.

This new service is available to residential, business and government subscribers.

Mobile phone number, E-mail and Web listings will be included with customers' regular phone number listing. A listing may contain any number of Mobile phone number, E-mail or Web addresses.

Symbols used in E-mail and Web addresses are difficult to communicate without error over the phone, so NorthernTel accepts requests for this service only through this Web site. For the same reason, E-mail and Web addresses will not be available through Directory Assistance.

E-mail and Web addresses can contain upper and lower case letters, numbers and the following symbols:

. (Period)  ; (Semi-colon)  : (Colon)
? (Question mark)  - (Hyphen)  / (Oblique)
// (Double Oblique) \ (Backslash)  _ (Underscore)
> (Greater than)  < (Less than)  ~ (Tilde)
& (Ampersand) = (Equal) + (Plus)
@ (At) , (Comma) # (Number sign)


The cost of Cellphones, E-mail and Web listings in the White Pages is the same as for any extra listing. WE'LL APPLY THE CHARGES TO YOUR REGULAR PHONE BILL, BEGINNING THE MONTH YOUR LOCAL WHITE PAGES DIRECTORY CONTAINING YOUR NEW LISTING IS ISSUED.

Within your area $1.94 $34.65 Business 
$20.00 Residential
In other NTL areas $1.94 $34.65 Business 
$20.00 Residential
Toronto-Montréal $3.25 $50.00 Business 
$25.00 Residential
Télébec $2.65 $50.00 Business 
$25.00 Residential


To have your Cellphone numbers, E-mail and/or Web site address included in your next White Pages telephone directory, just fill in this form. What you enter on this form is what will be published in the telephone directory. Please ensure the information is entered correctly. If you want to know the deadline for updating information in your area's next White Pages, please look at Deadline and Distribution Schedule. 

To determine the deadline for submitting Cellphone numbers, E-mail or Web addresses for your area's next White Pages directory, please check the schedule below.

  1. The first date is the deadline for submitting information. 
  2. The second date is when distribution of the White Pages directory will begin in your area.

Because Cellphone numbers, E-mail and Web addresses are not available through 411 Directory Assistance, billing for the listing will begin on the distribution date of your area's next directory.

Timmins October 9, 2009 November 24, 2009
Tri-Town/Kirkland Lake February 13, 2009 April 1, 2009
Hearst/Kapuskasing June 22, 2009 August 6, 2009