Permanent Call Display Blocking

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Allows you to permanently block the display of your name and number before you place a call. This feature may be activated and deactivated according to your needs..


UNLISTED NUMBER: If you are currently paying for an unlisted telephone number, this option will be checked by default in the Call Feature Manager web-tool. This option MUST REMAIN CHECKED AT ALL TIMES, otherwise your name and phone number will be displayed when you make calls.

Activation by Internet

  1. Access the Call Feature Manager web-tool 
    2. Open the "Settings" Tab.
    3. "Preferences" sub-tab.
    4. "Call Display Preferences".
    5. "Block all the time my caller ID (Call Display) when making calls." option.

Refer to the Online Help for a more detailed explanation.


Certain conditions apply, including a minimum 12-month commitment at time of subscription. Offer valid for residential customers only, where technology permits. The customer must have a Touch-tone phone. Rotary phones are not compatible. An Internet connection is required to access the Call Feature Management website. Display features require a phone equipped with a display window. Certain features are activated and deactivated by phone.