No Answer Call Forwarding

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Redirects your calls to a predetermined number of your choice only when the calls are not answered. You still hear the phone ring.

Activating No Answer Call Forwarding:

  1. Pick up the receiver and wait for a dial tone.
  2. Dial *92.
  3. Listen for three (3) “beeps” followed by a dial tone.
  4. Dial the telephone number where calls are to be forwarded – remember to add “1” first for a long-distance call, as well as the area code (for all calls).
  5. When someone answers, stay on the line for at least five seconds before hanging up. Call Forwarding is now activated..

If there is no answer or the line is busy:

  1. Repeat preceding steps 1 through 3.
  2. Hang up. Call Forwarding is activated even though there was no answer.

If you dial a wrong number:

  1. Press the receiver button briefly and start over.

To cancel Call Forwarding:

  1. Pick up the receiver and wait for a dial tone.
  2. Dial *93.
  3. Listen for two (2) beeps.
  4. Hang up. Call Forwarding is now cancelled.


Activation by Internet

  1. Access the Call Feature Manager web-tool at:
  2. Open the “Call Manager” tab.
  3. The “Call Forwarding” sub-tab.
  4. Choose “Busy/No Answer”.

Refer to Online Help for a more detailed explanation.


Certain conditions apply, including a minimum 12-month commitment at time of subscription. Offer valid for residential customers only, where technology permits. The customer must have a Touch-tone phone. Rotary phones are not compatible. An Internet connection is required to access the Call Feature Management website. Display features require a phone equipped with a display window. Certain features are activated and deactivated by phone.