Using the Call Feature Manager

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With your subscription to NorthernTel Advanced Phone service, you have access to a Web tool to manage your call features such as Call Display and Call forwarding. This tool is called Call Feature Manager.

System requirements:

The following Web browsers are compatible with Call Feature Manager:

The instructions below will enable you to access the Call Feature Managerthe first time and change the temporary password.

  1. Access the Call Feature Manager web-tool at:
  2. Enter your “Number”. This means your 10-digit phone number, without spaces.
  3. Enter your password (temporary). This is your 10-digit phone number, without spaces, and click on “Login”.
    log in screen
  4. In the top menu, click on the "Settings" tab, then on the “Security”sub-tab.
    Settings security screen
  5. Enter your new password (in both fields).
    We recommend that you use the same personal password that you chose for your Voicemail (this password must contain between 6 and 15 digits).
  6.  Click on “Change Password”.


When you access the Call Feature Manager, you have access to six tabs:

Dashboard screen

In this tab, you can:

Messages and call screen

In this tab, you can:

Contacts screen

In this tab, you can:

Call manager screen

In this tab, you can:

Reminders screen

In this tab, you can:

Settings screen

In this tab, you will find many menus:

Activating and deactivating services by Internet:

Remember that certain Call Management Services can be activated and deactivated by Internet and others, by telephone.

When a service is "Active" in the Call Feature Manager, a "green checkmark" icon is displayed  check mark and the word "ACTIVE" appears at the end of the sentence "This service is currently".

Activated screen

When a service is "Deactivated" in the Call Feature Manager, the word “INACTIVE” appears at the end of the sentence "This service is currently”.

Deactivated screen

Conflict between two services:

In the Call Feature Manager, when you activate a service, you may occasionally see a exclamation mark  (exclamation mark) icon. This generally means that the service is interacting with or has been superseded by another service and that it cannot, consequently, be configured the way you wish. You can hover your mouse over this icon for more information about the conflict.


An online "Help" menu is available at all times in Call Feature Manager. Please refer to it for a description of theCall Management Services and to understand how to enable and disable the services.

Data refresh:

If your browser window has been open but inactive for a few minutes, new calls will not be visible in your window. You will need to "refresh" the web page to update the data and see your new voice messages.

End of session (inactivity):

For security reason, your Call Feature Manager session will automatically end after 15 minutes of inactivity (when no changes are applied or no pages are clicked or refreshed for 15 minutes).


Certain conditions apply, including a minimum 12-month commitment at time of subscription. Offer valid for residential customers only, where technology permits. The customer must have a Touch-tone phone. Rotary phones are not compatible. An Internet connection is required to access the Call Feature Management website. Display features require a phone equipped with a display window. Certain features are activated and deactivated by phone.