Bundle television, phone, and internet.

Home phone, even better in a bundle.

Home phone

Reliable Home phone with
great sound quality5

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A great line-up of features that suits your needs, like Call Display and Call answer

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Unlimited calls within Canada and U.S.6

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Switch today and keep your phone number

Bundle television, phone, and internet.

Amazing services at an affordable price.

Our bundle includes Satellite TV + Internet + Home phone

Get guaranteed savings of $58/mo.*
off the regular price for 1 year.


Right now pay only


Regular price


*Applies to full billing periods.

One-time installation fee of $52.75 applies3 with a 2 year contract

Included in your bundle:

  • 1st  HD receiver included4  
  • Fast and powerful home Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited Internet usage2

Call us at 1 800 360-8555 or visit your NorthernTel authorized dealer

Current as of July 23, 2018. Available to new residential customers in Ontario, in select dwellings where access/technology/line of sight permit. Subject to change without notice; not combinable with any other offers. Early termination charges apply. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply. For Bell Satellite TV service, customers must select e-billing and create a MyBell profile.

1 Available to new customers who continuously subscribe to an eligible Internet, Home phone and Satellite TV bundle. Promotional price of $99.95/month is based on promotional credits applied to the regular price of Bell Satellite TV and NorthernTel Home Phone and Internet and based on the continued subscription to: Good Satellite TV package at $49.95/mo. ($62.95, plus $3 Digital Service Fee, less $16 credit for full billing periods 1 to 12) and NorthernTel Home Phone and Internet services at $50/mo. ($92, less $42 credit for months 1 to 12). After the promotional period, the then current price will apply. All prices are subject to change. For Bell Satellite TV, promotional credits apply to the first full 30-day billing period and for each full billing period after that, for the duration of the promotion. A billing period may not start on the day of subscription to services. Regular price (without credit) will apply for services delivered prior to the first full 30-day billing period or if service is terminated during a 30-day billing period.

2 Unlimited internet usage is subject to your compliance with the NorthernTel Internet Acceptable Use Policy found at http://support.northerntel.ca/internet/AcceptableUse.htm.

3 Offer is available for a limited time: Free professional installation on a two year contract. Early termination fees apply. Without a term, $199.95 installation fee applies. Covers basic installation of up to 3 receivers. $50 installation fee for each additional receiver. Includes satellite installation, receiver setup and connection to your TV; see www.bell.ca/installationincluded.

4 $0 rental for the HD PVR is based on $15 monthly rental fee, less a $15 monthly credit. Available to new Bell Satellite TV subscribers with continued subscription to three eligible services. The receivers remain Bell’s property. You may terminate your rental at any time provided you return the receivers. Receivers may be new or refurbished at Bell’s choice.

5 Applies to traditional copper-based (excluding fibre-based) wireline telephony; compared to cable telephony and based on continued service during extended power outages at customer’s home .

6 Applies to direct dial long-distance calls within Canada and from Canada to the U.S. (including Hawaii, excluding the Caribbean). Other fees may apply